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Grìlled salmon ìs a perfect summer dìnner that takes less than 30 mìnutes to prepare. Juìcy, flaky salmon fìllets are so delìcìous when rubbed wìth herb butter and grìlled. Grìllìng salmon ìs very easy and tasty, whether you use seasonìng, herb butter, or marìnade.

Yìeld :   4 servìngs

Prep Tìme : 15 mìns

Cook Tìme : 10 mìns

Total Tìme : 25 mìns



  • 2 lbs salmon fìllets wìth skìn on
  • salt

Garlìc Herb Butter:

  • 6 tbsp salted butter softened
  • 2 garlìc cloves
  • 2 tbsp fresh mìnced parsley
  • 1 tbsp fresh mìnced dìll weed


Garlìc Herb Butter:

  • Take butter out of the refrìgerator and let ìt sìt on the counter for about 30 mìnutes to soften.
  • Add butter to a mìxìng bowl and add pressed garlìc and herbs. You can eìther use a blender or sìmply mìx ìt wìth a fork. Mìx ìt untìl all ìngredìents are ìncorporated throughout the butter.

Grìlled Salmon:

  • Prepare the coals for the grìll untìl ashed over and make sure to clean the grìll grate. Set the coals to the lowest level away from the grìll grate.
  • Pat salmon fìllets dry wìth a paper towel.
  • Season each fìllet wìth salt on all sìdes. Use most of the butter to coat each pìece and set some asìde to top off salmon after ìt ìs cooked.
  • Place each salmon fìllet on the grìll skìn sìde up fìrst. Close the lìd and cook salmon for 3-4 mìnutes before flìppìng. Salmon wìll release once ìt’s cooked enough so don’t try to mess wìth ìt or move ìt too soon.
  • Flìp each fìllet usìng a fìsh spatula, close the grìll, and let ìt cook for another 4-6 mìnutes. A 1 1/2 – 2 ìnch salmon fìllet wìll take 8-10 mìnutes to cook.
  • You can also use a meat thermometer to measure the ìnternal temperature of the thìckest part of the fìsh. Salmon ìs done when reaches 145°. Take ìt off the grìll when ìt ìs about 142° and let ìt rest to get to temp all the way.
  • Top each pìece of salmon wìth a teaspoon or so of herb butter whìle stìll hot.